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RUSH : Grace Under Pressure

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Grace Under Pressure was the first Rush album since 1975’s Fly by Night to not be produced by Terry Brown, who was replaced by Peter Henderson (Supertramp, Paul McCartney). The change resulted in a slightly more accessible sound than its predecessor, Signals, and marked the beginning of a period where many Rush fans feel that synths and electronics were used… Read more »

Death Cab for Cutie : “Narrow Stairs”

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After spending the better part of a decade in the musical minor leagues, Death Cab for Cutie went pro with 2005′s Plans, a record whose optimism and bright, Technicolor sound gave the band enough leverage to enter the mainstream. “Soul Meets Body” became their biggest rock single to date, but it was Ben Gibbard’s delicate love song, “I Will Follow… Read more »

Interpol : “El Pintor”

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As the titular anagram of Interpols name suggests, El Pintor refocuses and realigns the fundamentals of the bands music. Where their 2010 self-titled album split the difference between back-to-basics post-punk and lavish experiments, on their fifth album and first without former bassist Carlos Dengler Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler, and Sam Fogarino hone things even further. El Pintor is Interpols shortest… Read more »